Fun for all ages! If you’re looking for an exciting, yet safe activity for the family check out zip lining. You can find zip lining locations throughout the country.

On this particular outing we were vacationing in St Thomas for Christmas and came across several signs on the sides of the road advertising a ziplining course on our way to our vacation rental. We met some other people who were interested in participating as well so we made it a group outing. Our experience started with a brief introduction, information about the course, rules, and what to expect.  We were fitted for helmets and gear and were sent up the hill on a questionably functional bus. Once at the top the instructor on each platform gave directions on how to exit the platform and land at the next one. The course in St Thomas is absolutely beautiful as it overlooks the ocean and other islands. If you’re interested in ziplining while in St Thomas their website is Tree Limin Extreme.