The Virgin Islands are known for their gorgeous beaches and laid-back attitude.  Each island we visited had a completed different feel so be sure to take the time to visit each of them (if possible).

St John- Known for national park, which 60% of the island is comprised of, this island is known for its beauty.  Stop by the National Park Service for maps on the plethora of hikes available (everything from strolling from beach to beach to hiking some rather large hills/mountains).  Our full day hike was comprised of walking from beach to beach and finishing with a solid hill workout amongst some incredibly large (and amazing) beehives.

Trunk Bay– Consistently rated as one of the best beaches in the world.  Be sure to bring your good camera on this day because you may want to blow the pictures up based on the beauty of this place.

St Thomas- We really lucked out staying in St Thomas over the Christmas holiday.  We took advantage of one of the many Craigslist offers on timeshares and found one willing to let us stay for $250 for the week!  The best part?  The restaurant within the timeshare area had some of the best food on the island.  Each night we visited the Caribbean Fish Market and I couldn’t help but order their amazing tuna dish every time!

A tip?  If you’re planning to stay in Red Hook ask the driver at the airport to stop at the grocery store along the way.  St Thomas isn’t an island that’s “walkable” so you’ll save time and $$$ stopping on your way (just offer a hefty tip) for allowing the detour!

If you’re interested in a fun activity while in St Thomas try Zip Lining!

Diving in St Thomas had good and bad aspects:  On one hand, the dives were warm and shallow which allowed longer time under water and never getting cold!  The downside? The diving wasn’t spectacular, it wasn’t bad by any means but it doesn’t compare to Cozumel diving (in my opinion).

Virgin Gorda- Home of the Soggy Dollar Bar!  This isn’t just a novelty stop, it’s a must!  It’s called the Soggy Dollar because it’s almost impossible to get your boat close enough to shore without having to swim in, hence, the soggy dollars.  Known for their “Painkillers” and the ability to pay it forward by buying someone a drink who’s visiting at a later date, this place earns its reputation.

Trunk Bay St Thomas, VI
sushi St Thomas, VI
The Baths Virgin Islands VI