Venice is a romantic city you’re sure to find both peaceful and exciting at the same time.

Al Palazzetto B&B– If you’re looking for an affordable place to stay in Venice this might be a good option.  We stayed here and were pleased with the location and accommodations.

San Marco square– A staple of Venice and a must-see on your trip.

Harry’s Bar– Just down the road (or should I say canal) from San Marco Square is Hemingway’s bar of choice and home of the Bellini.  Definitely worth a stop to enjoy the company of the bartenders who have interesting stories to share about the bar’s history.

Don’t forget to visit Burano, Italy to see the infamous colorful houses. Murano, Italy is the island you want to visit to witness the glass blowers at work (just stop into one of the many shops downtown for a glassblowing demonstration).  Both cities are accessible by boat “taxis” which have stops throughout the Venice area.

Now some of you may be wondering why I didn’t mention the the Gondola rides yet.  Best for last!  Some tips: If you go before 7pm it may save you some $$. You may also be able to save $$ if you pick one up in the less touristy areas of town (not San Marco area).

P.S. For those of you wondering if you need to stay in the San Marco area…no!  It is not necessary as everywhere in Venice is less than a 15 minute walk and exploring (aka. getting lost) in Venice is what the city is all about!

San Marco square
Colorful houses Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy
Michelle Holm Harry's Bar Venice, Italy