“Does my pastor notice what I’m doing during the sermon even when the spotlight is on him/her?”

“Can doctors see genitals on X-rays?”

“Why shouldn’t I order my steak well-done?”

I asked friends, family, and colleagues to weigh in on what they wish people knew about their professions and their answers turned out to be incredibly insightful! Read below to find out the answers along with many other intriguing tips.


1. Don’t worry if I see you at the grocery store, I am not analyzing your cart, as long as you don’t analyze mine.

2. Be honest when meeting with me- if you really ate half a cup of mixed nuts for a snack, but tell me ‘just a handful,’ it’s difficult to assess where changes can be made.

3. Sugar does not cause diabetes directly. Too much of most any foods can cause weight gain which will increase your risk of diabetes.

4. If we all made choices as if we were still in kindergarten, we would think it’s normal to not get dessert until we ate some veggies. We would stop eating when we were full and not feel guilty eating cake at a birthday party.


1. I wish everyone at church knew how important it was to make visitors feel more welcome.

2. We see you when you’re yawning, checking your phone, or sleeping during our sermons.

3. Sometimes I could use a sabbatical. Ministry is a 24/7 job and with it comes a unique emotional fatigue not experienced in most other jobs.


1. Please shower before coming (versus coming straight from the gym) and avoid using strong perfume if at all possible.

2. Your butt is not cute, small, big or sexy. To us it’s just a muscle.

3. Yes, we change the sheets between each client and we are ok with silence during your massage if you prefer it.

Radiology Technician

1. A normal chest X-ray is equivalent to 3-4 hours of sun exposure.

2. You do not need to take off ALL of your clothes for a Chest X-ray as everything above the waist is sufficient. Gown opening in the back please, you are not having a Mammo!


1. Attorneys cannot win a bad case as easily as a good one. TV shows portraying “tricks up their sleeves” don’t win cases, the events leading up to the outcome can win a case.

2. We are just as frustrated with the legal system’s inefficiencies as you are.

3. Your friend who “knows a lawyer who hunts with the judge” and therefore can win your case because they’re buddies is likely not true.

4. Handling your case on your own to begin with can end with higher legal fees if things don’t work out and you end up needing a lawyer after all.

Stay-At-Home Mom

1. Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t make me any more special as a mom. It doesn’t make me any less influential in our society. It doesn’t mean I am more devoted to my family than a mom that is in the workforce.

2. I do not get to see my accomplishments on a business report, yearly review, or in the form of a bonus, but I know I make a pretty big difference.

3. We do not just sit at home with a ton of time on our hands.


1. I will not be judgemental so please be honest about your medical/pyscho/social history.

2. We care more than you think we do. Even if we seem flustered or stressed we care for you and want the best for you.

3. I don’t mind doing things you may think are gross or mundane.


1. If you use a coupon please tip on the full amount of the drink you ordered.

2. Please don’t ask me to make your drink “stronger”, just order a “double” if you prefer a stronger drink.

3. Please don’t munch on the garnishes I have sitting out for drink-making purposes, just order some food if you’re hungry.

4. If you order a pre-meal drink at the bar please pay for your drink (and tip) before going to your table or leave a few dollars as a tip if you wish you combine the drink with your meal bill.


1. Looking at homes outside of your price range can lead to disappointment. Get pre-approved for a set loan amount before you start shopping for homes.

2. If you want the best offer keep your home spotless at all times and be ready to leave for a possible showing at a moment’s notice.

3. Don’t take low offers personally. Be willing to counteroffer instead of completely writing the buyers off.


1. Since most doctors’ appointments are 30 minutes, pick at most 2-3 things to discuss at each appointment, or the doctor won’t be able to provide meaningful advice about each issue.

2. Most doctors aren’t rich! After 4 years of college and 4 of medical school, and 5+ years of training where we make less than minimum wage, we have years worth of loans to pay off.

3. If we’re running late to your appointment it isn’t because we’re sitting in the back drinking coffee. It’s likely because a patient scheduled ahead of you needed more time with their medical concerns/problems.

4. And finally, we can see penises on X-rays.


1. Teachers don’t get three months off during the summer. Summers are often spent planning and writing curriculum, attending professional workshops, and preparing our room and materials for our kiddos the next school year, using our own money to do so.

2. I do not want your old crayons for my classroom. If they are garbage to you, they are garbage to me.

3. I cannot help with a problem that I do not know exists. Teachers want to help students learn. Please ask questions!

Skincare Consultant

1. A common question I am asked: “What happens if I stop using the products?” It’s not a magic potion, it’s just quality skincare products. If you use them as recommended, you’ll get the results you’re looking for. If you don’t use them as recommended you’ll continue on the path you’re on. The choice is always yours.

2. People seem to want everything for free. They want award-winning products or results, but when they see they have to spend a little money to get them, they can get upset. Sometimes you just need to spend the money to get quality products.

Hair Stylist

1. If you want a drastic hairstyle change bring pictures along with you.

2. Use good quality ($$) products to keep your color looking good longer.

3. Arriving late to your appointment can ruin the rest of the stylist’s day. Plus, being on time can lead to longer scalp massages!


Start with an open mind and minimal restrictions. Most people come in wanting something very specific which limits creativity. Then as the project progresses they see potential and open up to more creative ideas. This almost always leads to increased revisions, time, and cost.

Physical Therapist

Many people sustain acute musculoskeletal injuries, such as back strain or ankle sprain. These injuries are common and often benefit from a referral to physical therapy. What isn’t known, for non-serious injuries, is that people don’t need to see their doctor first and can directly refer themselves to a physical therapist. This step can often skip unnecessary doctors visits, which save time and expense.


1. Never assume a woman is pregnant.

2. Don’t assume a women is uncomfortable, annoyed, irritated, hormonal, bloated, or any other “symptom” which is typically associated with pregnancy in our culture.

3. Doula’s don’t deliver babies. They support the mother and the family wherever they are and with whatever choices they’ve made regarding their birth.

Psychology Nurse

1. Parents are sometimes afraid to set limits and expect age appropriate things from their kids. Sometimes they go too far and expect more than a child can do (but this is less common).

2.The best advice/care I try to provide is teaching parents how to effectively set limits, be neutral to that which is an antagonistic and oppositional behavior, and respond appropriately with dangerous threats and/or safety concerns.

Fast food service manager

1. If you spill something let me know about it rather than pushing it under the table.

2. If you forgot to ask for something when you ordered and I’m busy with another customer please wait your turn or ask another employee for help.

3. Please put your phone down when you are ordering or asking me a question.

4. If you’re coughing/sick please don’t cough on your hand or on the credit card you’re about to give me.


1. It’s helpful to keep an updated list of your medications on you at all times – we don’t know what “the little white pill” means (describing how it looks doesn’t help identify it as most medications look similar).

2. Watching your pharmacist fill your prescription doesn’t get it filled any faster, it just makes it uncomfortable for the pharmacist who’s getting stared at. Do some shopping or walk around to get some steps in instead of waiting at the counter.

3. We’ve heard the “Can you get me some oxycodone?” joke numerous times so if we don’t laugh when you tell it please don’t take it personally.

Police Officer

1. Becoming a police officer is harder than you think. After we’re done with training we have to apply against 100 other viable applicants for the same job.

2. TV shows do not represent cops accurately (i.e. reading the Miranda rights immediately after every arrest).

3. PTSD is real and happens frequently (i.e. car crashes).

4. Stop telling your children you’re going to call the police on them if they’re bad.

Scuba Diving Instructor

1. Divers should trust their instructor and be committed to the instructions. Sometimes divers go deeper than we say and end up destroying their opportunity for the second dive.

2. If you stay close to your guide you will have a wonderful time and see many species in a very different world which can be very helpful to getting you out of a bad mood.


1. Steak tartare is not steak with tartar sauce. If you don’t know what something on the menu is, please ask.

2. If you order something “well done” we will likely use our oldest viable cut of meat since cooking “well done” destroys most of the flavor anyway.

3. We tend to work really long hours. Sometimes we work for 20-40 days straight. Cut us a break on the substitution orders please.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this blog possible. I’ve learned so much from each of you in the process! To protect the privacy of the individuals who helped create this blog I will not be sharing their names (unless they’ve told me otherwise). Feel free to make a comment regarding other tips/hints on these professions, or others, at the bottom of the page so we can learn from you as well.