Explore the Medina

Things to consider first:

1. Be sure to dress appropriately (even when it’s hot outside). Pants and a shirt (not tank tops) are most appropriate.

2. Be careful of “tourism guides” who may try to coerce you into paying them.  You don’t need to pay anyone and the square is quite easy to navigate so enjoy the local shops and remember to carry some change for your purchases as the majority of the shops do not take credit card.

3. As you can see from the picture, most shops don’t have dressing rooms so be prepared to dress behind a “barricade” while the shop owners offer their assistance in any way they can, including the offer to pull up your zipper (true story).

Some of our friends took camel rides while they were there and really enjoyed it, I can’t speak to this since we didn’t ride any camels in Tangier but if it’s something you’re interested in doing you now know it’s available!  We walked around the Medina taking in the scents of all the fresh spices. If you’re a lover of spice this is the place for you!

Anthony Bourdain has said many great things about the food in Tangier although I can’t speak to it since we brought our own food and didn’t eat at any of the local restaurants.