Ever having a craving for sushi but don’t feel like going to a restaurant? Make it yourself! Of course my first attempt (shown here) doesn’t look very pretty but it still tasted amazing. Sushi kits are sold on-line and in stores so getting started with sushi making is easy.

I was originally presented with the idea of making my own sushi when I was invited to a friend’s birthday party.  She had sushi flown in from San Diego that same day and had all the ingredients out ready to demonstrate the process.  She (and her husband) were pros so obviously their sushi looked amazing.  After they demonstrated the process they walked around giving us each tips on adding the proper amount of ingredients, rolling, and different ways to make specialty rolls.  It was the best birthday party I’ve ever been invited to.  Now when my husband comes home from salmon fishing we can enjoy salmon sushi rolls in place of always cooking the salmon.

Of note, if you ever get the chance to visit Tokyo there is a fantastic Eat With opportunity which allows you to make your own sushi with fresh ingredients right from the Tokyo Fish Market.  An opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.