How often have you heard someone say “Skydiving is on my bucket list, I definitely want to do it before I die”? Would you like to skydive as well but think it seems a little frightening? Believe me, it’s not as scary as you may think. The first time I went skydiving I was ready for my stomach to end up in my throat much like it does on roller coasters. This isn’t the case when you jump out of a plane. In fact, the scariest part isn’t the falling, it’s the climbing to the outside of the plane, although both planes I jumped out of had duct tape (literally) holding parts of it together so I was somewhat relieved to jump out. To give yourself a taste of what dropping out of the sky will look like check out my skydiving video.

For the fun haters out there who say you have a good chance of dying…there are more deaths attributed to skiing than skydiving so go for it, you won’t regret it (just ask my husband who was coerced into jumping by yours truly)!

Some tips to think about before you go: Wear clothes that cover you fully (no tank tops ladies) because your clothes will be pulled in all directions from your body as you fall which doesn’t make for a very “family-friendly” video if you know what I mean.  Also, do you have a GoPro and a wrist strap?  If so, and the diving company allows it, you might be able to save yourself some money by bringing it along rather than paying for their video/pictures.