When people find out I love to travel the first question I am typically asked is: Which country is your favorite? That’s a loaded question! After pondering it always comes back to the same place, Singapore!

When you arrive in a country so many things can affect how you view your trip. Were you prepared for a different culture than your own? What kind of people did you cross paths with? What did you see and do? How long was your visit? And the one that holds a lot of weight but is often forgotten is the weather! All of these factors, whether consciously or subconsciously, affect how you viewed your visit.

You start your journey into Singapore by walking through their gorgeous airport. It feels like an enchanted forest filled with plants, waterfalls, and greenery everywhere. Once you arrive in the city walk around (yes, it’s very walkable) you’ll find greenery even on the skyscrapers, just look up! Singapore is filled with kind and helpful people. My Uber driver won the lottery and gave the money to his wife. He’s still driving for Uber!

Singapore is both safe and clean. As a female I felt comfortable walking alone at 2am by myself. The city is clean and it’s important to know why. There are strict rules about everything from chewing gum to littering in Singapore. Don’t do either, ever! The weather during my trip was perfect (I visited in April) which truly helped me navigate the city by foot each day.

What to do

Marina Bay Sands– This iconic hotel, beautiful mall, casino, and 60+ restaurants is a “must see”! If you stay you’ll be able to take advantage of the infinity pool that overlooks the city, hot tubs, and hotel room balconies overlooking the fireworks and light shows. If you want to visit for the day you’ll have access to everything (except the pool and hot tub). You can pay a little to see the view from the top as well!

Walk around- Little India was an incredible find. Wonderful people selling unique items and its walking distance to the cleanest Chinatown I’ve ever visited! Be sure to visit both.

Singapore Marina Bay Sands
Blossom restaurant
Marina Bay Sands shops

Where to Eat

Michelin star street food– Yes, you read that correctly. Singapore has the most affordable Michelin star food and its from street vendors! It’s safe and delicious!

Hawker Centres- are located through Singapore. On a weeknight you can easily walk around and try a little bit of everything…for a great price!

Singapore-Michelin star food vendor

Singapore is the type of city where you can show up and feel at home walking around and exploring on your own without an agenda. If you want a sneak peak of Marina Bay Sands top level and the Hawker Centres watch “Crazy, Rich Asians” for a preview before your visit! If you enjoy exploring other cultures and love a vibrant, safe, and clean city put this city on your bucket list!