Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt is the place you go for relaxation, all you can eat buffets, diving the Red Sea, and hookah lounges!

Scuba Diving Ras Bob-If you’re planning to dive the Red Sea around the Sharm area this is the dive you want to take. Beautiful coral reefs and definitely our best dive of the week.  Our Sinai Divers dive instructors were absolutely wonderful, competent, and highly recommended…by us.

There are many great resorts in this area complete with all-you-can-eat buffets, pools, and some great beaches for running!  We chose to fly directly into Sharm rather than driving from Cairo. Our friends who met us drove from Cairo instead of flying.  They stated flying is the better choice as the roads to Sharm weren’t in the best condition and it was a challenging road trip (trip was taken in 2011 so road conditions may have improved since then).

Hookah lounges are very popular in Sharm so if you’re interested in participating in local culture and are open to trying hookah stop into one of the many lounges filled with locals for a unique experience.