Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt is the place you go for relaxation, all you can eat buffets, diving the Red Sea, and hookah lounges!

Scuba Diving

Ras Bob-If you’re planning to dive the Red Sea around the Sharm area this is the dive you want to take. Beautiful coral reefs and definitely our best dive of the week.  Our Sinai Divers dive instructors were absolutely wonderful, competent, and we highly recommend them.

The resorts in this area are complete with all-you-can-eat buffets, pools, and some great beaches for running! We chose to fly directly into Sharm rather than driving from Cairo.


Hookah lounges are very popular in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Take part in the local culture and check out one of the many hookah lounges for a unique experiences. We ended up watching the World Cup from one of these lounges with some new friends from England. What an experience! The energy in that lounge was palpable!


Our resort had numerous pools, hot tubs, and water slides. The buffet was endless and the grounds were beautiful and well-kept. When we were in the city we learned that most all the resorts are similar since it’s a popular destination for Europeans and Egyptians alike! As a fan and contributor of Trip Advisor take a look at the ratings to review the resorts for yourself.