If you’re fortunate enough to explore Rome be sure to take in all the incredible historic sites. You can visit the majority of them within 2 or 3 day stay.

La Pentolaccia– A restaurant with great food, service, and ambiance!

Trevi Fountain– Another “Must-See” (in my humble opinion).  Check out the movie La Dolce Vita before traveling to see the fountain in motion picture action!

Colloseum– Spectacular, a definite must-see!  Get there early to avoid the crowds and be careful of pick-pocketing during high tourist season.

Visiting the Vatican is also an incredible experience, especially if you go on a Wednesday, when the Pope speaks (verify this is still the case before booking).  You can obtain free tickets from the guards at the gate but you must do it the day before (Tuesday).

The subway system is easy to navigate to use as your method of transportation “when in Rome”.