Rochester, MN Mayo Clinic

If you find yourself in Rochester, as a patient at Mayo Clinic or a visitor, listed below are a few restaurants/tours I would recommend.


Within walking distance to Mayo Clinic

Approximately 10 minutes away by car

Mayo Clinic employees are always willing to help patients and visitors navigate the confusing subways and skyways at the Mayo Clinic so don’t hesitate to ask anyone with a Mayo Clinic badge.

For those of you who call Rochester, MN home here are some great ideas to consider, especially during the summer months:

Farmer’s Market-every Saturday in the summer one block from the courthouse

4 Daughter’s brunch on Saturdays/Sundays on the patio

Thursdays on First Avenue-the street is open to vendors every Thursday in the summer

Hike: Quarry Hill, Oxbow, and Chesterwoods

Rochester bike trail-impressive trail system which allows for continuous workouts without stop lights

Root river trails-located in Lanesboro this is a great trail with a prize at the end (pie shop in Whalen!)

Wine trail-11 wineries line the Mississippi River on the Wisconsin border

Harbor View Cafe-located in Pepin this gem is only open during the warm months of the year

Zumbro River-close in proximity to Rochester and the perfect place to go boating

Eat outside during the summer months at the following locations: Chesters, Zzest, Terza, Twigs, and 5 West