My husband and I were on the fence about driving a few hours to Pisa, Italy.  We weren’t sure if it would be worth the drive since there are so many things to see in Italy.  Well, when it Rome Pisa you must see the Tower of Pisa!  Would I recommend visiting?  It was a typical little city filled with people doing every day things such a jogging on the bike trails, drinking tea in cafes, etc.  It was very surreal to see the Tower in real-life (versus in a book you’ve read in school) and I’m glad we did but I wouldn’t call it a “Must-See”.

My only regret is not climbing the stairs to the top.  When we visited it was an hour long wait to climb the stairs so we didn’t end up going to the top. In hindsight we were at the Tower taking pictures for an hour anyway and we could have easily climbed it!  If you visit and climb to the top I’d love to hear about your experience and if you felt it was worth it!