Let’s say you find yourself in Minneapolis (likely during one of the numerous months of winter) and you start to wonder if there’s anything to do besides reading a book in your warm and cozy hotel room.  There absolutely is and you should get out and explore the city!

To start the evening first grab dinner at Seven Sushi and Steakhouse.  Yum, yum, yum!  Be sure to make a reservations before you arrive (or check opentable.com) and request to be seated upstairs, if possible.  When ordering be sure to top your steak with “7 style”.

Next, take in a hockey game!  That’s right, in a city that’s cold 9 months of the year you can be sure it has a good hockey team.  Get ready to watch the Minnesota Wild in action!

Minneapolis is also known for its many parks and walking trails (if you happen to be visiting during the short summer months) as well as a broad range of theatres.