Buckingham Palace-If you have the time take an inside tour!

Tower Bridge– Not only is the bridge beautiful (and a prominent landmark of London) but also one of the least understood bridges in the world. Once you visit you’ll be able to provide insight to your friends about the bridge they thought was the “London Bridge” is actually the Tower Bridge. The London Bridge isn’t anything special nor is it worth the visit (unless you REALLY want to see it).

London Eye-It can get crowded, especially in the afternoon, stroll down the street to watch the street artists as you wait for your turn to ride to the top.

Transportation-Yes, the London buses are definitely an efficient way to visit the tourist sites and they stop at each site consistently but “the tube” is were it’s at so “Mind The Gap”.  Tip:  When getting a hotel be sure it’s in close proximity to “the chube” (as the locals call it).

Mind the Gap

Clothing: London is known for its cloudy, overcast, and somewhat cold, weather so pack appropriate attire, or buy a suit coat when you arrive to truly fit in with the British.