Lisbon, Portugal has a gorgeous bridge (not surprisingly San Fran is its sister city) and friendly people which makes this a great city for photo ops and people watching.

As for food in Lisbon I will admit I ate my fair share of pastries the day we visited and enjoyed every single one so be sure to check out the many pastries shops which line the streets.

The Belem Tower, a monument for the Age of Discovery, was the location for the start of many voyages and is the perfect backdrop for pictures. The Belem National Palace is also worth a look (we came upon it by accident) and it’s hard to miss….since it’s pink!

My recommendation when visiting Lisbon is to just stroll through the streets, enjoy one (or more) pastries, and take in the culture.  For those of you “on the fence” about visiting Lisbon while you’re in Europe, depending on what your interests are, this may or not be the city for you.  If you enjoy people-watching and taking in the scenery this is a nice, safe city to stroll through but if you’re interested in a fast-moving city filled with sightseeing and things to do you may opt for Barcelona, Paris, or Amsterdam instead.