As a lover of food, especially french pastries, it’s always been my dream to make those wonderful pastries you find throughout the streets in Europe. Luckily I have a friend who is French and loves to bake so I invited her over! After telling her about my wish she came over with her French cookbooks in hand (and some French hats) and we started to prepare raspberry cream puffs and fruit tarts and slowly my bucket list of french baking came to fruition.

While she was busy instructing me (most of the time in French by accident) I converted her recipes from the metric system so I could make them myself in the future. She also prompted me to learn French since I love to travel and frequently visit countries such as Haiti and France. Check out Duolingo if you’re interested in learning a new language for free!

If you’re a lover of pastries as well but would rather not cross the Atlantic Ocean to get them check out my blog on Las Vegas, NV, where you can find delectable pastries right here in America!