Corsica, France is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte (his house is easy to find if you wish to see it) and known as one of the most gorgeous cities in European.  You’ll notice many Europeans escape to Corsica for their “holiday”, yet tourism hasn’t spoiled the beauty of this destination island.  With gorgeous beaches, street side shops and cafes, and perfect weather this small city reminds me of a miniature San Diego.  As you dip your feet in the ocean please note: you will likely witness topless patrons (No, I will not be putting up pictures of naked patrons, it’s not that kind of website).  Come on people!.

As I’m sure many of you have had conversations such as: Where would you live if you could live anywhere?  Where would you like to retire?

When those questions come up in conversation Corsica comes into my mind almost immediately.  It’s the kind of city you could live a quiet life yet have access to quaint little shops only a bike ride away with gorgeous weather year-round, my guess is it would be a very nice place to retire someday.