Great pyramids– What an unforgettable experience! When you arrive in Giza search around for people offering camel rides.  Be sure to haggle the price and expect about a 3 hour ride around the pyramids (bring water!).  There is also a Pizza Hut across the street (bizarre) which has a rooftop that’s for great photo ops! In fact, one thing I really wish I would have done while in visiting the Pyramids was to take a picture from the inside of the Pizza Hut amplifying the Pizza Hut logo in front of the pyramids to depict the vast difference in modernization.  If you happen to take this picture and wouldn’t mind sending it to me to put up on this website I would greatly appreciated it!

Another interesting experience while in Cairo is visiting Mohamed Ali’s Mosque.  It’s an interesting place with great views for photo ops of the city in the background.

Khan el-Khalili-Probably one of the best cultural experiences I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.  The vendors at the market are lively and the patrons walk through the dizzying tunnels knowing exactly where they are going.  As for the common tourist, you’ll probably get lost and probably end up buying things you didn’t even know existed all while taking in some fantastic culture in an energetic atmosphere.