When picturing a gorgeous city filled with beautiful flowers, canals, museums, culture, and a relaxed vibe brimming with incredibly fit people (who ride bikes everywhere) Amsterdam comes to mind!  Amsterdam is one of my absolutely favorite places to visit, if only I could live here…during the summer months!

Canal cruises– a great way to view the city is taking a ride through the city’s intricate canal system

Anne Frank museum– assuming you’re able to climb many stairs this is rated as one of the top “things to do” while in Amsterdam

If you’ve got a full agenda while you’re in Europe one thing to think about doing is scheduling a long layover in Amsterdam.  Many times your plane ticket will be cheaper. Plan roughly 8 hours between your flights (if possible).  Catch a train from the airport right to the city center and stroll the streets, grab some lunch, and take a canal ride before training it back to the airport to catch your next flight.