In high school I participated in sports year-round which didn’t allow an opportunity to take part in any kind of “art”. I always thought acting would be an interesting avenue to take part in and this past Christmas my church gave me the opportunity to put my acting skills to the test.

My part: An American woman named Kate who thinks Christmas is all about buying the right gifts, sending out the best Christmas letter, and pretending she has it all figured out.

Memorization has fortunately always come easy to me so when my church told me I would need to memorize three different parts for three simultaneous weekends I wasn’t too concerned about remembering the lines. I was, however, concerned I wouldn’t appear realistic or believable, therefore I spent the majority of my time preparing by trying to truly get inside a girl’s head who was an American woman around Christmas time (buying gifts, spending more money than needed on decorating, and overall, trying to impress friend and family how well-off she was in life).

I have to admit, it was kind of fun to play Kate. She was self-centered, focused on all the wrong things in life, and she didn’t care about the important things in life such as her faith or truly caring about those people around her. I think everyone has been able to relate to Kate during some point in their life. Playing Kate allowed me to relate to people on a level that isn’t typically possible during a normal conversation and a character like Kate forces you to look deep inside yourself to see if there are parts of her still present in your life today.

I was honored to be asked to play such an interesting character and hope another opportunity comes along to improve my skills!