Michelle Holm, PharmD, MPH

Michelle Holm

Dr. Holm is passionate about improving access to affordable medications. Her passion stems from young age as she watched her mom serve as a volunteer in the tiny town where she grew up. Her mom was also a strong advocate for health, paying for her own dental care as a child because her family couldn’t afford it. She observed her dad research and negotiate prices on everything from small $10 items to car purchases, before the internet! She was fascinated by how her parents learned these skills. If you ask her parents how she learned to negotiate drug prices and advocate in the healthcare space they would tell you it’s because she never quit asking “why”. As a result, her parents would consistently take turns trying to answer all of her “why” questions.

Dr. Michelle Holm is currently a Senior Pharmacist Contract Portfolio Manager and an Assistant Professor at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Previously, she served as a clinical pharmacist for 14 years. She received her PharmD degree from Creighton University in 2005. She received a Master in Public Health from the University of Minnesota in 2020. 

As someone who seeks answers, it comes as no surprise that she served as the pharmacy director of Global Health and developed a Pharmacy Computerized Inventory Program to improve medication inventory. Following that role, she served as the medical director of Global Health Education. She subsequently designed the Phased Educational Approach Method to promote teaching versus performing healthcare in low-income countries. Dr. Holm serves on national committees and participates in advisory boards. Yes, she is her mother’s daughter. 

  • Travel Enthusiast
  • Activist for women supporting women
  • Innate passion for speaking engagements & connecting with others

Notable awards

Fulbright Specialist Scholar, Mayo Clinic Humanitarian Award, Velji CUGH Emerging Leader in Global Health Award, and the University of Minnesota Presidential Award.

Bragging rights

Marrying “Up”, proud aunt, swimming with sharks, Olympic volunteer, and 26.2

Bucket list

Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, visit “Falling Waters” (built by FLW), spend as much time with family as possible